£35 million Leeds heat network launches


In the UK, Leeds City Council has launched a £35 million network for hot water and heat distribution.

The network Leeds PIPES Network was developed by Leeds City in partnership with Vital Energi to connect 1,983 council homes and businesses.

The 16.5km network is claimed to be one of the largest in the UK and will transport hot water heated using steam generated at the Leeds Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.

Nick Gosling, Group Sales and Strategy Director for Vital Energi, said: “… This project is a great example of how a heat network of this scale can be created for a major city, to recycle energy from the City’s waste recycling and energy recovery facility, and use it to bring a range of benefits to the community…”

The launch of the heat network will help Leeds city to reduce its annual carbon emissions by 22,000 tonnes in addition to reducing consumer energy bills.

The use of heat from the network to warm homes is expected to help tenants to achieve energy bill savings of between 10% and 25% per year.

The network will create new employment opportunities, 30 work experience placements and apprenticeships.

Heat is scheduled to be available for Spring 2019, with all homes connected by autumn 2020.

Following the launch, Leeds secured £4million in funding from West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership to connect homes to the new network.

The city also got an additional £5.8 million from the European Regional Development Funding to connect 1,080 council homes in the Lincoln Green area.

Cllr Lucinda Yeadon deputy leader of Leeds City Council, added: “Today marks a very significant day in the development of Leeds as a low-carbon city. The Leeds PIPES Network will revolutionise the way that heat and hot water is delivered around Leeds, taking advantage of Leeds City Council’s previous investment in the Recycling and Energy Recovery Facility.

“This complements our work on air quality – taking old gas boilers out of commission will have a big impact on background NoX.