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Delaware-based real estate investment trust Bleutech Park Properties has acquired land in Las Vegas to build its $7.5 billion energy-efficient mini-city.

The Bleutech Park, set to be built on a 210 acres piece of land, will feature:

  • 100% “off-the-grid,” sustainable living residential, tech-smart office facilities, retail space, a futuristic 3,000-keys hotel.
  • State-of-the-art, 1,200 ft. tower.
  • Net-zero buildings equipped with self-healing concrete, energy-generating and breathable materials.
  • 33 supertrees as vertical gardens ranging in height from 50-100 ft.

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Bleutech Park aims to redefine the future of infrastructure leveraging emerging technologies, harvesting the power of IoT, renewable energies and robotics.