A complete energy management journey


Combined engagement solutions help utility customers take control of their energy usage and costs.

Powerley and Oracle Utilities Opower are helping utilities lead their customers on a journey from energy awareness to energy savings automation.

Through a combination of Powerley’s Smart Home Energy Management (SHEM) platform with the Oracle Utilities Opower Customer Engagement Platform, utilities can easily upgrade their digital customer experience with real-time, behind-the-meter customer engagement and lead their customers to create smarter, more efficient homes.

Through a collaboration with AEP Ohio, Powerley and Opower are helping AEP Ohio scale the adoption of AEP’s Its Your Power solution.

“Working with Opower, we have created a complete path from energy awareness to action,” said Manoj Kumar, CEO of Powerley. “We have combined our deep expertise in-home energy management to create a new, cohesive customer engagement solution for the utility industry. Together, we are driving engagement with personalized energy insights and empowering customers with complete smart home control.”

The companies’ solution helps utilities accelerate the adoption of smart home technology, amplify demand-side management results, and create a unified digital experience to deepen utility customer engagement.

With this solution, utilities can help their customers migrate from energy usage awareness to automated control over consumption:

  • Energy awareness – The customer journey begins with Opower’s omnichannel energy insights and recommendations that engage all types of residential utility customers.
  • Scaled adoption – Leveraging Powerley engagement data and Opower’s massive volumes of utility customer and energy data, Opower embeds personalized next best actions throughout the utility customer experience to increase adoption of the Powerley SHEM app, smart home devices, and enrollment of all those devices in utility automation programs.
  • Real-time energy management – Powerley extends Opower’s long list of energy analytics with real-time energy insights. Through the Powerley solution, customers gain access to real-time appliance-level disaggregation and whole-home energy use information that helps customers eliminate energy waste and save on their bills.
  • Energy savings automation – Powerley’s utility-branded solution empowers customers with the ability to connect, control, and optimize their choice of smart home devices. Customers get a smarter home that delivers energy savings while utilities benefit from automated demand flexibility behind the meter.

The solution leverages the Opower platform’s breadth and depth of energy insights and sophisticated native marketing to engage customers across channels when it matters most. Powerley plugs in through Opower APIs to add best-in-class mobile presentment, real-time energy insights, and mobile and voice-enabled smart home automation, creating an end-to-end energy management experience through a single integration.

“In collaboration with Powerley, we have addressed a long-standing utility industry challenge: effective behind-the-meter engagement at scale,” said Scott Neuman, Opower Group Vice President at Oracle Utilities. “We’re working together to help utilities accelerate the adoption of smart home technology that delivers deep energy savings, and, in turn, helps utilities serve smart home customers with engaging digital customer experience.”