Aiming for innovation


By Antti Aumo

Data acquired through an AMM system can form the foundation for the control of supply quality, customer services and the billing process. Generation, distribution and dynamic tariff control rely just as much on real time data as marketing, customer relationship management and procurement functions. An effective AMM system delivers this. Tailored to customer specifications, it also makes an active contribution to both distribution network management and utility consumer relationship management.

Landis+Gyr’s AMM system enables utilities to significantly improve their efficiency across all business areas. This even includes the introduction of demand response via dynamic pricing, as well as the maintenance of supply infrastructure via network management.

Ultimately, Landis+Gyr delivers increased business value and improved environmental performance – essential ingredients for success in today’s evolving energy market.

Landis+Gyr’s multi-energy AMM system AIM 3.0 makes the utility processes of operating, monitoring and managing electricity, heat, gas and water more efficient as it integrates them into one, easy-to-use system.

By using one unified AMM solution, savings can be made on everything from infrastructure and running costs to workload. Utility personnel need only use one system that manages everything; changes and updates are easy to carry out when all parts of the system are compatible.

Power quality information can be used to increase energy efficiency by optimising electricity network capacity. AIM 3.0 enables better awareness of network status by finding out where more voltage is needed and identifying at which metering points power outages and voltage changes have occurred. This functionality contributes toward the development of a smart grid.

Landis+Gyr has introduced the following new multi-energy devices, which use industry standards and are designed for reliable long-life operation:

  • The E120LiME meter, the first residential smart meter with fully integrated multi-energy functionality
  • The new ULTRAHEAT® UH50 supersonic heat meter, which can now be part of the system via the E120LiME meter or with a separate ET50 terminal unit
  • The ET50, a multifunctional terminal, which is used to connect electricity, heat, gas and water meters to the system.

The integration and connection of external systems is a core function of Landis+Gyr AMM. The integration adapter module enables the exchange of data in the correct format at the right time. In this way, additional investments can be omitted and it remains possible to use currently existing information architectures. The system even supports devices that were introduced at the beginning of the age of remote meter reading – a huge plus in a sector with long investment cycles!

Landis+Gyr has also developed Dashboard, a web-based application for searching, viewing and controlling customers’ metering and other information. Dashboard’s graphic interface provides easy access to metering information stored in the database without requiring previous knowledge of the AMM solution.

Kainuun Energia, a Finnish energy company and one of the first to implement Dashboard, finds the tool extremely practical and efficient. “Dashboard brings AMM to a totally new level. The use of metering information is considerably enhanced because metering data is always available to all parties who need it,” states Jari Rusanen, metering manager at Kainuun Energia.

For customer service, Dashboard brings greater efficiency through improved information sharing. The latest metering information, including measured values, relay statuses and power quality, is always available. On-line meter reading as well as controlling functions such as connection of boilers, heating elements, lightning, etc., can also be done using Dashboard.

Landis+Gyr Group is leading the market of smart metering and energy management in tandem with its owner Bayard, based in Australia. Landis+Gyr contributes to more efficient use of resources and hence better environmental outcomes. The next few years offer exciting change within the company as it continues to grow, innovate and drive the market forward with a view to maintaining sustainable growth, while at the same time helping its utility customers to manage energy better.