Ameren Illinois satisfied with Dominion’s volt optimisation technology


US utility Ameren Illinois has selected a subsidiary of Dominion Energy to deploy a voltage optimisation technology at full scale following a successful pilot project.

The utility will deploy Dominion Voltage’s voltage optimisation technology to save 422GWh of energy per annum, enough capacity to power 42,000 homes.

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The technology will cover 1,047 distribution circuits and approximately 64% of customers of Ameren in Illinois.

The rollout of the voltage optimisation technology is expected to be completed by 2025.

The technology had been tested in Ameren’s grid network for 18 months to reduce consumer energy bills and overall system losses as well as for grid reliability.

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Ameren has selected the solution as part of its grid modernisation efforts and to improve customer services.

“Ameren Illinois is an industry leader recognised for its commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship,” said Todd Headlee, Director, DVI. “DVI is proud to be delivering our VO solution to Ameren Illinois as a grid automation application of the future, enabling it to achieve its energy-efficiency goals.”

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“DVI’s approach to VO is the best choice for Ameren Illinois for energy efficiency through voltage optimisation,” said Ron Pate, Senior Vice President, Operations and Technical Services, Ameren Illinois. “We expect this programme to provide many benefits for our customers and we look forward to continued collaboration with DVI to complete this important initiative.”

Ameren Illinois delivers energy to 1.2 million electric and 816,000 natural gas customers throughout central and southern Illinois.