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US utility Ameren Illinois has issued $25,000 to Southern illinois University’s School of Engineering for its Power Systems Labs.

The university will use the funds to acquire equipment and set up and conduct studies on the latest technologies in the power industry.

Undergraduates and graduate students will study phasor measurement units, real-time power system simulators, SEL power protection relays, smart meters, power converters and renewable energy resources.

Students will partner with others from neighboring institutions in design competitions as well as gain hands-on experience from companies in the region.

The Power Systems Lab will also partner with Ameren to develop a first-class power engineering programme.

“As power engineering technology is changing rapidly, the nation’s entire power grid system is evolving to the new, smart grid,” explained Xin Wang, PhD, associate professor in the SOE’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and director of the Power Systems Lab. “New technologies require that higher education in power engineering also continuously advances. With this support from Ameren, SIUE aims to develop one of the best power engineering labs in the nation, featuring the latest technologies used in the power industry.”

“Ameren Illinois is continually testing innovative approaches to build a smarter energy delivery grid and to support the emerging demand for cleaner energy sources,” said Ameren Illinois Chairman and President Richard Mark. “Through our partnership with SIUE, we will have the support of cutting-edge research while training our potential future workforce.”