Arizona utility names partner for RAIN initiative


Arizona-based utility Tucson Electric Power has partnered with Smarter Grid Solutions to improve services to consumers investing in distributed energy resources (DERs).

The utility will deploy Smarter Grid’s ANM Strata software to explore new services for consumers with electric vehicles, smart appliances, rooftop solar arrays and battery storage systems.

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Tucson Electric Power will make use of the Resource and Integration Network (RAIN) pilot to combine DERs with flexible load to support the grid when it is stressed as well as to benefit its consumers.

Pete Maltbaek, General Manager North America at SGS, said: “Project RAIN has industry-wide significance and SGS is pleased to be able to work with TEP on this. The ANM Strata system allows TEP to examine the practical capabilities of individual and aggregated DER and the potential for customer engagement in supporting the grid. The flexibility of the system also allows the team to study strategies for integrating DER management into utility grid operations within the practical challenges of both communicating and coordinating multiple, diverse devices with very different operating characteristics.”

The project is expected to help the utility to come up with a roadmap on how to expand its portfolio of renewables in a bid to achieve sustainability goals.

Tucson Electric Power has plans to generate 30% of its power from renewable resources by 2030, twice the state-mandated requirement of 15% by 2025.