Avista announces new demand response initiative


AvistaSpokane, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 13, 2006 – Avista Corp., a western-U.S.-based utility, has announced the launch of its demand response initiative, which will build on the company’s nearly 30-year legacy of innovative energy efficiency programs and customer advocacy. It will be led by Bruce Folsom, newly appointed senior manager of demand side management.
The new demand response initiative is a multi-faceted approach to energy efficiency that will offer Avista’s electric and natural gas customers an expanded array of options to help them manage their energy more effectively. It will also support Avista’s focus on least-cost resource planning and delayed capital construction.
Under the initiative, Avista will maintain its current focus on its award-winning energy efficiency programs for limited income, residential, commercial and industrial customers while assessing and implementing expanded options. Avista recently launched a new renewable generation initiative which provides incentives to participating Avista customers who generate their own electricity using wind, solar or an anaerobic digester.
Scott Morris, Avista Utilities president and president and chief operating officer Avista Corp. said the new demand response initiative will focus on innovative program delivery, customer advocacy through education and information, resource acquisition through least-cost demand response programs, and operational efficiencies within the electric and natural gas transmission and distribution systems.
“Avista is well-known for its innovative approaches to delivering energy efficiency programs that help our customers get more value for their energy dollar,” Morris said. “To the future, DSM will grow in both scope and strategic significance and will become part of an enterprise- wide resource planning strategy while continuing to be at the forefront of leading customer advocacy.”
Folsom, who has been with Avista since 1993, will be responsible for developing and implementing the demand side management programs in the company’s service area of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. Avista Utilities has 339,000 electric and 298,000 natural gas customers in these three western states.