Building decarbonisation technologies to generate $269 billion per annum


A new report analysing the global market for building decarbonisation technologies through 2028 has been published by Navigant Research.

The global annual revenue for building decarbonisation technologies will reach $269 billion in 2028, according to the study.

Other key study findings include:

  • Buildings generate approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions and constitute 36% of global energy use.
  • Nearly two-thirds of global energy consumption from buildings comes from fossil fuels.
  • Energy efficiency is key to reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints for commercial buildings operators.
  • Technology and business model innovation in markets adjacent to traditional energy efficiency products and services are advancing the market. Intelligent building management systems, energy storage, onsite generation, and energy as a service models will contribute to market expansion.

Sasha Wedekind, a research analyst with Navigant Research, said: “Commercial buildings offer significant opportunities for GHG emission reductions through energy efficiency and electrification.

“Products and services for building decarbonisation, such as highly energy-efficient electric HVAC systems, associated controls, building envelope measures, and installation and commissioning services, are poised for consistent growth over the next decade.”

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