California school district to save $5.7 million from battery energy storage


Downey Unified School District has selected ENGIE Storage to reduce its energy bills through the use of energy storage technology.

ENGIE has deployed 3.5MW/7MWh of battery energy storage systems at seven schools which are under Downey Unified School District in California.

The battery energy storage systems will help Downey Unified to save more than $5.7 million over the lifetime of the system.

California has the highest demand charges in the US and average demand charges by California Investor Owned Utilities have increased by nearly 80%.

Demand charges can account for approximately 50% of non-residential utility bill costs for consumers in California, according to a statement.

ENGIE will use its GridSynergy technology to operate the energy storage systems in real-time. For instance using the real-time data acquired to calculate optimal charge and discharge cycles for the lithium-ion batteries to determine the energy needs for the school district.

“Our Board of Education is always looking for creative ways to save money and energy storage will provide our district with utility cost savings,” said Downey Unified Superintendent Dr. John Garcia. “Installing energy storage will not only reduce our energy bills significantly this year, it will assist for years to come.”

 “ENGIE Storage has energy storage systems installed at 80 schools in California,” said Christopher Tilley, chief executive officer at ENGIE Storage. “Downey Unified’s installation will not only save the district millions of dollars, but it will help enhance the reliability of California’s electric grid by reducing the strain on overloaded utility distribution networks.”