California’s Glendale Water & Power unveils grid stability plan


Southern California-based utility Glendale Water & Power has selected smart grid solutions firm Franklin Energy to ensure the participation of its customers in maintaining the reliability of the grid.

Franklin Energy will implement a demand response programme as well launch an online marketplace where consumers can purchase clean energy products.

The demand response programme is expected to deliver up to 10MW of flexible capacity by 2024, which can be used for the reliability of the grid during peak periods.

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Through the Peak Savings demand response programme, Glendale Water & Power will adjust the temperature of participating residential customers’ thermostats on peak days to help reduce electrical demand. Residential customers may participate by using their existing smart thermostats with a $50 incentive to join the programme, or by purchasing a new smart thermostat with a $100 discount through the programme marketplace. Business customers with a demand of 50 kW or greater are also eligible to participate and will receive a complimentary site assessment to help identify load reduction strategies.

The utility says both the demand response programme and the online marketplace will help in the adding up of more distributed energy resources on the grid.

Michael De Ghetto, acting general manager of Glendale Water & Power, said: “Launching our new Peak Savings programme is one part of our Clean Energy Programme suite and we are excited to offer this opportunity for our customers to actively participate in a clean energy future for the city. Glendale is at the forefront of a clean energy future and these programs will help transition GWP to 100% renewable energy resources.”