‘Club Enerji’ helps India save 29.8 million units


In India, Tata Power has saved more than 29.8 million units of energy as part of its nationwide resource and energy conservation initiative in 2018.

The programme was deployed in seven cities and reached more than 23.8 million people.

Tata Power implemented the Club Enerji initiative for some 533 schools, reached 4.5 million people and saved 4.8 million units of energy. For the past ten years, the utility in partnership with the schools has formed some 2,000 Energy School Clubs.

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The clubs have created some 347,986 energy champions and 386,633 energy ambassadors among school students to educate, engage, empower and enhance communities into participating in energy conservation programmes.

For instance, the energy ambassadors and champions have launched a 3-month “Switch off to Switch on” campaign to raise awareness around creating a sustainable future.

Mr. Praveer Sinha, CEO at Tata Power said, “We believe that inculcating the value of sustainability and a broad understanding of our dependencies on scarce resources must start early in our children’s lives. In our experience, spreading this message through the active participation of children also helps in sensitising the larger network of grownups in their families, etc. We would also like to thank our partners in helping us implement various activities to conserve our environment and promise to light up lives with our efforts in the coming years.”

The initiative has been expanded into the water industry to accelerate consumer water efficiency. Some 1,200 schools are being targeted.