EPA awards Colombia for energy efficiency awareness


The Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy have announced that Colombia Water and Light will be awarded for the utility’s energy efficiency programme.

Colombia Water and Light will be awarded the 2018 Energy Star Partner of the year.
Colombia Water and Light partnered with the national energy efficiency programme, Energy Star, to implement it’s Home Performance energy management initiative.

Under the Home Performance programme, Colombia Water and Light seeks to improve consumer awareness on energy efficiency through implementation of outreach programmes including workshops.

In 2017, the utility hosted 92 educational events and 370 outreach events since 2014, which reached an estimated 30,000 residents.

This is the first time Colombia Water and Light is receiving the award since the launch of the national energy efficiency initiative 26 years ago.

“To be recognised as a small midwest municipality, we are pretty proud of that,” said Lucia Bourgeois, a communications specialist with Water and Light. Beyond this national recognition, Columbia Water and Light is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the program’s implementation in the city.”

Colombia Water and Light also partnered with Columbia Housing Authority to implement the HIS programme, which includes the development of a mapping tool that matches homes built before 1970 and homes that have reportedly high energy usage.

“The goal is to reach out to homeowners who have the most potential for energy efficient solutions and provide them with further resources if interested.

“The GIS tool is targeted outreach to individuals or residents that we know could benefit from our programmes.”

Colombia Water and Light and 162 other groups from across the nation will be recognised at the awards presentation in Washington on April 20.