Utilities Tech. Council recognises New-Zealand firm for resilient comms network


The Utilities Technology Council has awarded wireless communications firm MiMOMax with the company’s Impact Award for Hardware.

The award recognises the role MiMOMax has played in helping utilities to optimise operations by deploying the company’s wireless bandwidth-efficient Tornado radio.

The solution provider claims its communications network helps utility customers to push the boundary on what can be achieved with wireless communications in a bandwidth-constrained environment.

The network is currently being deployed in Arizona and Minnesota following the completion of a series of projects in Australasia.

Paul Reid, General Manager North America, MiMOMax Wireless, said: “At MiMOMax, our mantra is “work with”. We have therefore worked closely with our customers to deliver utility-centric, cost-effective, wireless communications solutions which maximise spectral investment and underpin mission critical infrastructure.

“Our latest deployments have involved a paradigm shift in terms of spectral-efficiency, latency and saturation coverage. As a result, we feel the advanced technology pioneered within these projects will enable our customers to optimise investment in the precious commodity which is spectrum.

“Winning an award which celebrates our innovative approach to mission-critical communications has validated that we are on the right track.  The drive towards greater efficiency and sustainability will require support from robust and resilient communications networks – we feel our solutions speak clearly to that need.”