Consortium to replace SCADA/EMS for Brazil’s system operator


Brasilia, Brazil — (METERING.COM) — February 15, 2010 – A consortium of Siemens and Brazil’s electrical energy research center Cepel has been awarded a contract for the replacement of a SCADA and energy management system for the country’s national electric system operator, ONS.

The project, named REGER, provides for the installation of a new management system integrating the four regional operations centers in order to provide a complete communications and sharing of data between regions. The project, which is expected to begin operation in two years, is a pioneering initiative in Brazil and represents a major leap forward in the management of transmission systems and power generation and towards a smart grid.

"The project that we will realize is part of a global trend,” said Guilherme Mendonça, director of automation at Siemens Energy in Brazil.

The project will be delivered in two phases of 30 months and 48 months respectively, and will integrate the regional operations centers in Florianopolis, Recife and Rio de Janeiro and the national center in Brasilia to provide real time monitoring and control of Brazil’s electricity system with a view to reducing operational costs and improving system reliability and efficiency.

Technologies provided will include Siemens’ Spectrum PowerCC Information Model Manager and Cepel’s power management system Sage.