Could co-ops fit as aggregators?


Europe’s energy system is evolving to include more renewable technologies, making flexible resources fundamental to achieving a sustainable model, especially regarding Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and energy storage solutions.

Frontrunner countries like Denmark have already reached 41% variable renewables [1], and solar photovoltaic (PV) per MWh has been proposed for less than €15 in a Portugal tender this summer [2]. Solar and wind projects are breaking economic records year-on-year and will soon offer the cheapest MWh energy resource.

Nevertheless, what is the value of a wind- or sun- produced KWh when there is no matching demand when injected? Demand response aims at solving the equation.

FLEXCoop, a European project financed under the Research programme of the European Commission Horizon 2020 (No.773909 – grant agreement), was developed with the aim of building Demand Response tools for energy cooperatives. The project has an overall budget of €3.9 million and will last 3 years, until September 2020. The project gathers 14 partners co-developing the solution, each of them holding different and complementary expertise needed to deliver the service.

This article was originally published in The Global Power & Energy Elites 2020. Read the full article here