Data-driven strategies: Utility use cases workshop



Advanced technologies are no more just new high-tech systems to be installed and implemented; they are business models. They represent crucial economic and corporate transition into a truly digitally integrated workplace.

CDOs, CTO’s, CIO’s all have emphasised that the main challenge of advanced tech like AI, ML and advanced analytics, is the requirement of comprehensive system and organisational integration, in order to successfully implement it into the core operations and business models of the energy sector.

PRICE: USD 4,090
SERVICE TYPE: Virtual workshop
SOLUTION AREA(S): Industry insights; IT architecture; cloud technologies; IoT, AI, machine learning, advanced analytics

Thorsten Heller, CEO & Chief Innovator at Greenbird Integration Technologies, Thought Leader for Digital Technologies driving the Energy Transition

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Get an overview and understanding of innovative utility use cases from around the world driving the energy transition. Learn from others to create ideas for your own utility.


  • Introduction global trends within utilities and the energy sector
  • Deep dive deep into 5 preselected topics
  • Overview of emerging technologies
  • Further reading and information sources
  • Q&A / Discussions


Use cases for utilities or energy companies

  • Platform operator and provider of mission-critical compute power
  • Citizen Data Scientist
  • Smart City Convergence

Use cases for DSOs, Retailers or Power Generators

  • Intelligent Grid Operations
  • Asset Health & Predictive Maintenance
  • OT Analytics
  • Energy Loss Analytics
  • Peak shaving, peak load/demand forecasting
  • Grid Edge analytics
  • VPP and DER integration, redispatch, Microgrid management
  • OT Analytics
  • Energy Efficiency Management
  • Personalized Energy Tariffs, energy flat rate (“all you can eat”)
  • Smart Building and Property Management


After the workshop, we will provide you with the following:

  • Seminar documentation and slide deck
  • Recommended readings-list
  • Recording of the online workshop


The workshops will offer a deep dive into the technical trends and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Microservices, IT architecture & Cloud Technologies. Schedule a short meeting with us to find out the full details and the requirements of each workshop.

Greenbird offers out-of-the-box system integration for utilities. We are a true DevOps company, delivering unique time-to-market and reliability. We were named a Gartner ‘Cool Vendor’ in 2018 because of our domain-specific and flexible integration capabilities, crucial for creating easy-to-consume integrated solutions. Utilihive empowers utilities to manage their data flow faster and smoother than traditional system integration models while accelerating the journey towards the energy revolution. Greenbird is based in Oslo, Norway.

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