Global industrial software company Ventyx, part of ABB, has signed a deal with Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity to supply energy management systems to boost the stability and reliability of the Middle Eastern country’s electricity grid.

Ventyx will replace legacy software at the ministry’s main control centres in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Basra with a SCADA-integrated system comprising supervisory control, data acquisition and energy management.

Once upgraded, the control centers will provide operators with a system-wide view of the grid’s condition, enabling smooth operations as well as the rapid detection and correction of faults.

The ministry also cites scheduling planned outages to enable its power plants to go offline for maintenance, as well as monitoring ‘tie points’ with surrounding nations to optimally share power as reasons to implement the new system, Ventyx confirms.

Ventyx will also provide extensive training, equipment maintenance and diagnostics services, as well as remote support services to ensure the smooth running of the transmission network.

The deal comes as Iraq’s economy grows and with it pressure on the grid.

Adel Mahdi, minister adviser at Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, said: “Demand for electricity continues to expand, not just in urban areas, but across Iraq as the economy grows and Iraqi citizens experience increased standards of living.”

Iraq’s economy is set to be among the fastest growing in the world in the next five years – with GDP expanding by 10.9 per cent in 2014 – driven by an aggressive increase in oil production and the start of large-scale infrastructure projects, according to market research company Business Monitor International.

Ventyx is already supplying software to Iraq’s Ministry of Energy to refurbish the country’s electricity distribution system.

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