Demand side management potential in Canada: Energy efficiency study


Canada faces several large and growing challenges on the energy front and there is an increasing recognition that governments must work together with industry and other stakeholders to address these challenges. While there has been significant focus on addressing supply issues, there are economic, social, health, environmental, and energy security benefits in achieving greater energy efficiency and energy demand management.

There has been uncertainty about the energy demand reduction that can be realized from energy efficiency, and Demand Side Management (DSM) measures. Research to date has looked at various aspects of the potential for
demand reduction that can result from energy management efforts and most studies have focused on a single fuel in a single jurisdiction. As well experts have expressed differences in opinion concerning the energy efficiency potential
for Canada.

The Demand Side Management Working Group (DSMWG) comprised of representatives from federal and provincial governments, the energy utility industry, major energy users and nongovernment organizations, commissioned a report on potential energy demand reductions to be realized from conservation and energy efficiency and demand side management.

This study was commissioned to help provide a credible understanding of the potential to reduce energy demand through, efficiency and DSM in Canada. The results are estimated using a simulation model, and looked at all fuels and all jurisdictions in Canada and to identify short and longterm opportunities.

Courtesy Canadian Gas Association