E.ON shies away from YouTube attack, buys CO2 certificates for trending video


German multinational utility E.ON has bought carbon emissions certificates for its video which is trending on YouTube just weeks after the utility has attacked the video-sharing online platform.

E.ON had urged consumers and online users to just listen to music and avoid videos and YouTube when online to be climate-friendly.

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A statement by E.ON blasting YouTube stated: “The website always plays a video as well, which unnecessarily increases data transfer.”

A week after releasing the statement, the utility posted a video on YouTube explain how they discovered the world’s greenest data center in Germany.

The video, https://youtu.be/8ET3PGxdcAU, has already been viewed almost four million times on the Internet.

Therefore, E.ON has bought carbon emissions certificates to offset the emissions caused by playing the video in data centres for 3 million views.

By purchasing the certificates, E.ON is now ensuring that the film can be viewed up to 5 million times on YouTube in a climate-neutral manner.

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