Ed’s note: Are a lack of skills hampering digitalisation progress?


A lack of digital skills and internal barriers related to company culture and mindset are the biggest roadblocks hindering digital progress in the energy sector.

Some 71% of organisations in the industry need staff with combined domain and digital experience – and 18% claim to not have a single employee with this combined skillset. These are just some of the results from a report, Digitalisation and the future of energy in which nearly 2000 engineers and senior executives in the energy sector participated.

According to the report authors, technical skills such as data science and big data analytics are the most important digital skill sets for future energy workforces – this according to 41% and 35% of respondents respectively. However, other key skills required include creativity, with 65% of respondents saying that they need employees with creative problem-solving skills.

The report, authored by DNV GL, says that transforming traditional operations through digitalisation is vital in facilitating the transformation of the energy sector that “humanity needs so desperately to deliver.”

Much has been said about the imperative to digitise in order to more effectively manage the increased influx of distributed energy resources on to the grid, and ensure appropriate demand response to the number of additional devices – i.e. electric vehicles – being added to the grid. All of this, however, hinges on the ability to have appropriately trained staff available. This means not just the staff that the utility plans on bringing into the organisation, but up-skilling those that are currently employed. Not only to ensure a continuity of appropriate institutional knowledge but also to define advancement prospects for existing staff in a hands-on environment.

What kind of challenges are you experiencing in your day to day operations which are driven by a lack of skills? Do you have projects that have been put on hold while you try to find the correctly skilled employees? We’d love to hear from you.

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