Electricity theft detection using smart meter data analysis


Arkossa detects an electricity fraud for the cultivation of Cannabis purpose.

Smart Metering as a Service

Arkossa’s team is formed by competent professionals who specialise in managing and maintaining power distribution networks and ensuring their smart meter data collection.

Armed with our designed tools, we can visualise the massive quantities of big data and provide insightful KPIs to pinpoint problems occurring with specific distribution assets on the grid.

The Utility

We deliver smart grid network optimisation and operation services to numerous utilities worldwide.

For the last few months, we have been providing our SMaaS services to one of the DSOs in Almeria, southeast Spain.

After installing a large number of smart meters in the city, the utility contracted Arkossa to optimise network performance and analyse big data coming from meters.

Electricity Theft Detection Thanks to Finder, our Big Data analytics platform that enables low voltage network monitoring, we detected changing patterns and unusual behaviour in different elements of smart meter network, located in a specific LV line, in one of the abandoned farmhouses in Almeria.

The graph below indicates the changing patterns.

Once we had proof of the detected electricity theft, we provided advanced and detailed reports as evidence to the utility in order to inform police authorities and to start investigating the case.

After searching the property, police officers reported that numerous agricultural materials, complex electrical installations, and other establishments were used for Cannabis cultivation, as well as seven kilograms of marijuana were found prepared for sale.

Arkossa’s Solutions

It is essential for DSOs to keep non-technical losses under control. To do so, Arkossa offers a personalised combination of services and systems to minimise technical and non-technical issues. Our solutions enable utilities to improve business operations, reduce their time and costs.

Arkossa’s service portfolio contains smart data collection, maintenance and analysis, remote management of smart meters, incident control, detection of energy losses, etc.

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