Elster’s EnergyICT and ENER21 deliver comprehensive Energy Consumption Management Solutions


August 5, 2011 – The two companies will combine offerings to provide real-time energy monitoring solutions, and calculations according to International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocal.

Elster’s EnergyICT EIServer® Project Tracking system combined with ENER21’s Energy Management Information System (EMIS) will allow monitoring and verification of consumption data for continuous commissioning in large-scale energy projects around the globe. The comprehensive and reliable energy data will enable organizations to verify the return on investment of efficiency projects, automating calculations and assisting the process behind the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to increase energy contracts and financing opportunities.

"The EnergyICT and ENER21 combined offering is ideal for large, multi-site organizations that want to implement energy efficiency programs and require reliable, verifiable data to justify the deployment," said Claude Godin, president of EnergyICT in North America.

"With our continuous commissioning capabilities, EnergyICT provides customers with ongoing monitoring, tracking and reporting of efficiency projects, enabling a quick response to maintenance needs and ensuring maximum energy savings. ENER21 provides meter and system integration and creates a turnkey measurement and verification plan, all of which enables customers to save time and valuable resources on IPMVP reporting requirements," Godin added.

EnergyICT’s EIServer Project Tracking module detects, quantifies and verifies the achieved savings from energy-saving projects. Project Tracking accounts for all sites where an energy project is implemented, so managers can analyze the data of each individual site as well as the comprehensive data from the entire project.

ENER21’s solutions provide real-time access to energy spending and consumption information, as well as key performance indicator data and extensive weather data, allowing the EnergyICT EIServer to analyze the information and produce detailed reports for improving energy efficiency.

"In today’s economy, securing financing for energy efficiency and performance contracting requires increasingly stringent verification of consumption data," said Julien Milot, executive director of ENER21.

"The EnergyICT and ENER21 solutions will provide customers with greater visibility and control of energy usage to cut cost, reduce consumption and increase investor interest in efficiency projects," Milot added.