eMeter EnergyIP prepares for strong Brazilian market growth


Gary Bloom,
CEO, eMeter
October 27, 2011 – eMeter, a global smart grid software platform provider, today announced that a Portuguese language version of eMeter EnergyIP®, an industry leading energy information management platform and an SAP-qualified business solution, will be available in Brazil by December 2011.

eMeter EnergyIP is the industry’s leading information platform that delivers event-driven information and automation in real-time to integrate utility operations and manage the smart grid. eMeter EnergyIP enables electric, gas and water utilities to realize the full benefits of their automated metering infrastructure (AMI) and other Smart Grid initiatives. eMeter also provides its EnergyIP software to European, Asian and North American markets. The company has 40 customers in 11 countries and its products serve as the information platform for two of the largest most successful smart grid deployments in the world.

"eMeter has experienced tremendous growth in the Smart Grid industry in the U.S., Europe and Asia and we’re starting to see the beginnings of a promising new market in Brazil as well," said Gary Bloom, CEO of eMeter. "Our new Portuguese version will have the flexibility and scalability customers expect from eMeter, making it a logical choice for the evolving Brazilian Smart Grid."