Empresa Eléctrica Pública de Guayaquil selects CYME software for distribution analysis


Alberto Tama,
Guayaquil, Ecuador — (METERING.COM) — January 31, 2012 – Empresa Eléctrica Pública de Guayaquil has been using Cooper Power Systems CYME™ Power Engineering Analysis Software for Transmission Systems (PSAF) for more than a decade, and is now working actively to complete a project using the CYME CYMDIST solution for distribution analysis.

“All the calculations for the whole 69 kV transmission system, as well as the analysis of the supply system of 138 kV and 230 kV, are performed using the PSAF,” explained Engineer Alberto Tama, CEO of EEPG. “We are in the middle of an ambitious process to use CYME CYMDIST, combined with the CYME CYMDIST Gateway interface solution, for integration with our enterprise GIS system for calculation of losses in our distribution network, location of capacitors, plan of growing, calculation of reliability index, etc.”

EEPG also has acquired several new CYME modules and software, including CYMGRD, to improve the utility’s power system engineering analysis capabilities of its grounding system as well as all the substations and generation power plants.