Enel and Amazon launch new smart home solution

Enel has unveiled Homix, a new smart home solution to help consumers save energy in Italy.

The smart home solution has been integrated with Amazon’s intelligent cloud-based voice service Alexa.

Homix simplifies consumer management of heating, home security and lighting. The solution is available in Amazon’s online stores and through Enel X and Endesa Energia sales channels.

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Enel has plans to launch the solution to consumers in Spain.

Homix starts with the features of a smart thermostat and becomes a complete ecosystem for the home, a true smart home capable of learning habits to simplify the daily life of families. In addition, using Homix is ​​very easy, at home through voice with Alexa or using the practical touch screen installed on the wall, and also outside the home.

Homix Home is the command centre that connects to all Homix devices to make the home more comfortable, efficient and safe.

With the solution, consumers can even ask Alexa to play Amazon Music, set reminders for daily activities or increase the temperature of the home.

Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of the Home Services division at Enel X, said: “Enel X’s goal is to offer products and services that can improve users’ lives and protect the environment through simple solutions that are accessible to all. Based on this principle, we offer a complete smart home system that allows customers to maximise the comfort of their home and save energy and money.”

“We believe voice is the future. It represents an entirely new way of interacting with technology. That’s why we created Alexa voice service, which lets device makers create products and services with Alexa built-in. We are excited that Enel X is launching Homix, a unique and innovative Smart Home solution with Alexa built-in.” adds Eric King, General Manager Alexa Skills and Voice Service Europe.