Enel enters Taiwan’s demand response market


Enel X has joined the Taiwan Power Company’s demand response (DR) programme designed to support the reliability of the country’s grid network.

Enel X, a subsidiary of Enel, has launched a DR service in Taiwan.

Through its Taipei offices, Enel X will offer DR services to customers within the cold storage, food processing, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

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Enel X and partners have developed a virtual power plant, which now offers demand flexibility services to ensure the stability and security of Taiwan Power Company’s grid network.

Participants in demand response programs are paid to modulate their consumption in response to grid needs.

Francesco Venturini, the CEO of Enel X, said: “We are offering a new category of opportunity for Taiwanese businesses. By joining our virtual power plant, businesses can now earn a new revenue stream while providing critical support to the electricity grid. Further, virtual power plants and energy storage systems will be key to Taiwan’s long-term transition to renewable power.” 

Steven Liu, senior vice president of Delta Electronics, Inc. said: “We place a strong focus on intelligent energy use and sustainability initiatives. Through our alliance with Enel X, we can support the nation’s electricity grid while meeting our sustainability objectives. We are able to participate using our battery energy storage system (BESS). When there is a grid need, we can switch from grid energy use to our BESS without any impact to our operations.”

Enel X has over 6.3GW of demand response capacity under management globally.