Enel lights up Palazzo Morromeo


Enel has implemented an energy efficiency programme
through its subsidiary in Rome.

The efficiency programmme deployed by Enel X includes the installation of 180 advanced LED lights to replace traditional lighting technologies at Palazzo Morromeo in Rome.

The LED lights have total power of 4.1 kW and an average lamp life of 60 thousand hours to generate energy savings of 69%.

The entire system has a colour rendering and a colour temperature of 2700K.

Francesco Venturini, head of Enel X, said: “The new lighting combines efficiency and sustainability, protecting the artistic heritage housed within the building.”

Pietro Sebastiani, Italy’s Ambassador to the Holy See, added: “The innovative project created by Enel X is part of a major effort to embellish, restore and conserve the Palazzo, which through the generous contribution of Italian companies and the synergy between the public and private sectors, we were able to complete before the celebration of this important anniversary,”