Enel partners on innovative, sustainable and smart housing in Italy


Italian utility Enel has partnered with the Italian federations of the wood, cork, furniture and lighting industries on innovative, sustainable and comfortable housing.

Enel through subsidiary Enel X will collaborate with FederlegnoArredo to identify synergies between the federation’s supply chain and Enel X’s business development areas, home, businesses, cities, and condominiums, with a view to creating shared value for the territory and communities in the long term.

The circular economy is one of the fundamental drivers of the agreement, designed to enhance the parties’ skills and generate business opportunities by combining innovation, competitiveness and sustainability along the entire value chain.

Enel and FederlegnoArredo and its 1,100+ members will support and enhance incentives for the energy requalification of buildings for residential, industrial and public use.

As part of the collaboration, Enel X will also leverage its “Vivi Meglio” project which helps to make buildings more efficient through interventions that contribute to reducing consumption: from replacing condominium boilers to implementing temperature control, from insulation with wall thermal coatings to installing low-emission windows and doors.

 “The start of the collaboration between FederlegnoArredo and Enel X is the first step along a path that has the common goal of accompanying and supporting the companies in our supply chain towards all-round sustainability,” said Sebastiano Cerullo, FederlegnoArredo’s General Manager. “It is an agreement that responds to the sector’s needs, and is fully aware that business and product development cannot ignore the full application of the circular economy in all its forms.” 

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“Inclusion, constant dialogue, direct discussion and proximity to the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem are distinctive traits for those who, like Enel X, have decided to commit to offering technologically advanced, integrated and interconnected, flexible, and far-sighted solutions,” said Alessio Torelli, Head of Enel X Italia. “The goal we set for ourselves is to anticipate the challenges that companies must deal with, to make them more competitive, smarter and more recognizable, and to address people’s needs, to improve the quality of the urban environment and daily well-being. The collaboration with FederlegnoArredo will enable us to make a positive impact and further qualify our proposals both in terms of social development and environmental protection.”