Energy efficiency a priority for Latin American and Caribbean countries


Carlos Arturo Flórez
Piedrahita, Executive
Secretary, Olade
Quito, Ecuador — (METERING.COM) — August 20, 2008 – Energy efficiency is a priority resource for countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to delegates at a recent seminar organised by the Latin American energy association, Olade, in Quito, Ecuador.

Replacing incandescent lamps with energy saving lamps and incorporating efficient appliances and motors were some of the common actions identified by delegates in order to incorporate energy efficiency as an additional energy resource in the region.

Speaking during the event, Olade executive secretary Carlos Arturo Flórez Piedrahita, said that to date most of the energy efficiency developments had been directed at alleviating emergency conditions, such as deficiencies in generation or shortages of supply, but the greatest impact would come from incorporating efficient technologies in the production, transmission, distribution and use of energy.

Piedrahita said that as a precondition for implementing energy efficiency programs, governments have a responsibility to establish control measures for energy losses in electricity distribution.

He said that it is necessary to achieve a greater level of commitment at public administration level in countries in the region as well as a consistent orientation in their policies on energy saving and the efficient use of energy in all consumer sectors in order that social and economic benefits will result for the populations of these countries.

In addition there is a need for harmonization of testing procedures and the exchange of experiences to provide a baseline for the establishment of labeling of energy efficiency in countries in the region.