Energy efficiency central to new energy plan in Argentina


Cristina Fernández
at the launch
of the new
energy plan 
Buenos Aires, Argentina — (METERING.COM) — December 27, 2007- Energy efficiency and the rational use of energy are the cornerstones of a new energy plan announced by the Argentine government.

The PRONUREE (Programa de Uso Racional y Eficiente de la Energía) program, launched by Argentina’s president Cristina Fernández on December 21 and expected to be legislated this week, was designated a national priority, with all sectors of society called upon to be more rational and efficient in their use of energy in order to add competitive quality to the country’s economy and therefore to provide benefit to all.

Elements of the plan include not reducing air conditioning below 24 C, prohibiting the leaving of computers and other electrical equipment on standby, and limiting the use of lighting at night in offices and fronting public buildings.

Losses in the public lighting system will be reduced with the replacement of the oldest lighting fixtures and the installation of sensors for the detection of faults and verification of the correct lighting of the lamps, and at the residential level a campaign will be launched to replace standard lighting with energy efficient lighting reaching all households in the country over a three-year period.

In addition starting December 30 a one-hour daylight saving scheme will be introduced, effective through mid-March.

In launching the plan, which has been welcomed by industry commentators, President Fernández said that the country had suffered from a lack of investment in the energy sector and while previous reforms had addressed the issues of public accountability and diversification of supply, this latest plan marks entry to the third level of social responsibility.

“These measures should also contribute to a significant reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases responsible for climate change and they should generate a cultural change oriented to the prudent use of energy,” said Fernández.