Ohio signs multiple energy efficiency contracts with Empower


City councils in the US state of Ohio have selected Empower as an energy services provider.

The city of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Lakewood, Forest Park and Athens county have signed contracts with Empower to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Empower says it will equip residential, small businesses and municipal consumers with the company’s Home Energy Tune Up, an energy efficiency package.

The solution provider claims the package will help consumers reduce energy bills by 30% or between $300 and $1000 per year.

In the city of Cincinnati, Empower is partnering with the city’s Development Fund, Owens Corning and Duke Energy to offer free home energy assessments to consumers.

The energy efficiency programme is co-funded by Duke Energy’s Class Benefit funding initiative.

Consumers will receive energy efficiency retrofits which they will pay back over a period of three to five years, once energy efficiency potentials would have been identified during the free home energy efficiency assessment.

The enrgy efficiency retrofits include insulation, air sealing of attic spaces and a smart thermostat energy management system for real-time remote control and management of HVAC appliances.

Since launch in January, the city of Cincinatti has made home energy retrofits for more than 50 customers.

The programme is expected to help Duke to reduce its operational costs by avoiding investing in more energy generation resources to meet growing energy demand.