How to save $100 on your monthly energy bill


Renewable Nation has issued some energy efficiency tips to help consumers save up to $100 a month.

The energy efficiency tips and a wide range of energy management services can be found on the non-profit organisation’s mobile app, now available on Google and iTunes.

The “Top Renewable Nation Tips for Saving Money and Energy Around the House” are as follows:

  1. Get your home audited by a qualified expert to get the full picture of your energy waste and potential savings. Platforms to find expert auditors include the Building Performance Institute ( and the Residential Energy Services Network (

2. Plug your leaks. According to Consumer Reports: “You can do some air-sealing tasks yourself such as plugging leaks around windows, doors, and electrical outlets with caulk, expandable sealant, and weather stripping and save up to $400 a year.

3. Check out your water heater. Heating water is typically the second largest energy use in a home. It can cost $600 or more a year, and you can save $300-$350 of that.

4. Get a smart thermostat to save up to 10% on your annual energy bills. According to the US Department of Energy, space heating is typically the largest energy expense in the average American home, responsible for nearly 45% of residential energy bills.

5. Shop smarter (look for energy star labels), lighten up your lighting and size up your fridge

Scott Stapf, programme director, Renewable Nation said: “Getting more homeowners to go solar is our number one priority and we know that the best way to get that process started is to help people feel more connected to energy in their home and how to save money by using less of it.”

The release of the energy efficiency tips follows Americans spending up to $350 billion on electricity every year, equivalent to $2,100 per household per annum.