Energy storage technologies and impact on EVs and utilities markets


Navigant Research has issue a new report discussing battery energy storage technologies commercially available as mobile advanced solutions within the energy industry.

The report states that:

  1. Utilities and project developers can reap the benefits of energy storage without large upfront investment through mobile advanced solutions
  2. The majority of technology innovation are centered around the electric vehicles charging industry
  3. Facility owners and utilities continue to be aware of the impact of EV fleets on a local transformer
  4. Mobile batteries is becoming a cost-effective manner to manage higher electricity loads
  5. The energy storage market is expanding globally across all types of industries as part of efforts to minimise carbon footprints and increase profits

Alex Eller, senior research analyst with Navigant Research, said: “While the majority of energy storage deployments are stationary solutions, grid operators and facility owners around the world are beginning to recognize the value that mobile advanced battery systems can provide.

“Drivers for mobile advanced batteries include cost deferral potential, short-term load management, and flexibility.”

For more information about the report, visit Profit Increases from Deploying Mobile Advanced Batteries for Short-Term Loads