ENGIE to build a new eco-friendly head office by 2023

French multinational utility ENGIE has announced its ambition to build its new head office, a 136,000 m² eco-friendly site in La Garenne-Colombes by 2023.

The utility has so far partnered with Nexity to design how the new head office will look like.

The zero-carbon site will be sited 700 metres away from the utility’s current head office

The facility will be powered by a low-carbon energy mix comprising:

  • Geothermal energy (optimised to meet between 70 and 90% of the site’s heating and cooling requirements).
  • Solar panels
  • Biomethane boilers.
  • Power storage facilities.
  • Smart grid and blockchain technology.

The new head office will be integrated with digital technologies to optimise energy management and is being designed to meet environmental requirements and biodiversity certifications including HQE Excellent, BREEAM Excellent, E+C-, BiodiverCity, etc.

The site will include sports facilities (2500 m²), a crèche, a medical centre, a 150-seat hall, a concierge service, restaurants as well as space to accommodate students, researchers and start-up companies.

“This project will showcase the ENGIE Group’s zero-carbon strategy. Designed to be an inclusive living space, an extension of the city and open to residents, this eco-site will be a prototype for smart cities of the future. It will also accelerate ENGIE’s employee culture of collaboration, inclusiveness and interaction with the outside world”, commented Pierre Deheunynck, ENGIE’s Deputy CEO.