Entergy selects base software for smart grid rollout


US integrated energy company Entergy Corporation has selected technical services provider Willdan Group to improve its smart grid investments planning.

Entergy has adopted LoadSEER, a modeling application of Willdan software unit Integral Analytics.

The application will act as a core intelligence layer to support Entergy’s investments in grid data and analytics capabilities across its electric distribution footprint.

The technology will help the utility in distribution planning, load forecasting and preparing for the future business models characterised by distributed energy resources.

LoadSEER will be used in short- and long-term circuit-level planning and to proactively integrate renewables, energy storage and efficiency investments.

The platform combines multi-layer risk, geospatial and scenario modeling; utilities’ existing tools; engineering efforts and multiple data sources in order to deliver dynamic, granular load profiles and perform valuation analyses.

In a previous deal, Entergy partnered with Integral Analytics to deploy the firm’s product evaluation tool, DSMore.

Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO, said:  “We’re pleased to provide Entergy with applications that enhance its ability to efficiently plan and strengthen their distribution networks across multiple states.

“With DSMore and LoadSEER, Entergy is better positioned to integrate DERs and produce new customer programmes that harness the data generated by investments in grid technologies.”