EVO Forum On Greenhouse Gas Protocols For Energy Efficiency


On June 20, 2007, EVO held a forum in conjunction with the California Measurement Advisory Council (CALMAC) to discuss the development and application of greenhouse gas protocols for energy efficiency (EE).

Topics discussed included:

  • Distinction between EE protocols, GHG accounting protocols, GHG project reduction protocols
  • Protocol developments – international, US, California
  • Efforts to harmonise protocols
  • Role of EVO in EE protocols – relationship between IPMVP and GHG protocols
  • Role of CALMAC in EE protocols
  • Special technical issues such as baseline and additionality, hard caps vs intensity-based systems.

Participants included Derik Broekhoff, World Resource Institute, John Cowan, Environmental Interface Limited, Chris Ann Dickerson, CAD Consulting, Rafael Friedmann, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Steve Kromer, Teton Energy Partners, Steven Schiller, Schiller Associates, and Ed Vine, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

EVO Board member and former Technical Committee chair, John Cowan, was elected unanimously by the Board of Directors as its chairman, effective 22 June 2007. Cowan has been active on committees writing EVO’s IPMVP guidelines on savings determination. He teaches a course on M&V and serves on the joint EVO/AEE CMVP certification board. He was chair or co-chair of EVO’s Technical Committee from 1999 to 2007, acting twice as technical editor for new editions of IPMVP Volume I. He takes over from Steve Kromer, who will continue to serve on EVO’s Board.

Cowan shares EVO’s vision of a global market that properly values the efficiency resource, and one of his primary initiatives as chair is to strengthen and grow EVO’s international network by forming regional affiliates and liaisons. Such a network will better allow the addressing of specific local needs related to efficiency measurement and verification, while still drawing from EVO’s expanding central knowledge base.

EVO welcomes its new Board member, Hema Hattangady.
Hattangady is managing director and CEO of digital meter and energy management system developer Conzerv Systems Pvt. Ltd., based in India. She started her career with advertising and software marketing before joining Conzerv in 1989. At Conzerv, she was head of marketing for over four years and has been MD for the last ten years. With help from Indus Venture Capital she expanded the firm from a turnover of less than US$200,000 to nearly US$20 million worldwide today.

Hattangady is presently serving as a director on the boards of several companies in India. Recently, she was selected by the US Government to be a part of a three-member team on the South Asia Energy Management Mission to explore the development of the American energy sector.

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