The European Building Automation Controls Association (eu.bac), which represents companies that can provide energy performance contracting services, realised that rapid development of the energy efficiency market in Europe would be encouraged if all its members used the same M&V method for making savings reports to their customers. After reviewing all available methods, eu.bac found IPMVP to be most suited to their needs, without restricting the flexibility of their members to design projects or contracts, and has endorsed use of IPMVP by members for European energy performance contracts.

EVO’S DISCUSSION FORUMS TRANSFORMED TO BLOG EVO’s online discussion forums, formerly only for EVO subscribers, have morphed into a blog for the public. Weekly articles are planned from EVO insiders (and outsiders who meet the editorial guidelines) to inspire discussion on M&V topics. This should generate more and better conversation for the benefit of the M&V community, including subscribers.

IPMVP 2007, Vol. I is now available in a bound colourprinted version through the online e-store. The volume costs US$90 (EVO subscribers receive a 25% discount). Instructions and a subscriber discount code will be provided at the time of purchase.

IPMVP COMMITTEE NEWS The IPMVP Committee has met once a month since the beginning of 2008. The Committee’s purview is to maintain and oversee the technical quality of EVO’s M&V related publications. With the publication of the latest revision to Volume I (Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings) in 2007, the Committee has turned its attention to a number of other initiatives. These include:

  • Review of Volume II: Concepts and Practices for Improved Environmental Quality
  • Review of Volumes III, Part 1: Concepts and Practices for Determining Energy Savings in New Construction, and Part 2: Concepts and Practices for Determining Energy Savings in Renewable Energy Technology Applications
  • Establish a library of example M&V plans and savings reports
  • Establish links to useful resources such as tools, published technical papers, and useful documents
  • Establish user forums on selected topics to help those interested find and participate in clarifying and insightful discussions with other experts.

EVO receives many inquiries for representative examples of IPMVP-adherent M&V plans and savings reports. To meet this need, the Committee is currently reviewing materials and organising an online library so that EVO-approved M&V plans can be provided through its website. We intend to provide a wide variety of examples including:

  • Retrofits commonly recommended in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Commissioning existing facilities for energy savings
  • Meeting USGBC LEED-NC and EB requirements.

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