First-of-its-kind GridRewards project launches for Con Edison customers

A consortium of US municipalities, Sustainable Westchester, has partnered with technology firm Logical Buildings to help consumers to reduce their energy usage and costs.

The two parties have unveiled the GridRewards demand response project for residential and business customers of Con Edison in Westchester County.

An application Smartkit AI will be leveraged for customers to participate in the pilot. The app enables consumers to monitor their energy use and improve their energy efficiency.

Participating customers can receive cash rewards, while also making an overall positive environmental impact through the reduction of their energy usage and carbon footprint.

Smart meter data from Con Edison is leveraged for Logical Buildings’ gamified mobile app.

“GridRewards is providing our largest opportunity yet to show how real-time intelligence and a widespread, gamified app to reduce energy use through that intelligence can create real income for the people who opted into the programme,” said Logical Buildings CEO Jeff Hendler. “Especially with many families potentially using more energy while working from home and facing greater financial uncertainty, this is an important new way of making sure more people can share in the benefits of smart energy usage.”

Con Edison has implemented a $1.25 billion AMI initiative to upgrade all 5.5 million electricity and natural gas meters in its service territory, the single largest infrastructure project in its history.

Sustainable Westchester has 27 County municipalities.