Flexibility market models to be tested by GB network operator


Different flexibility market models are to be tested by network operator Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

The project to test potential approaches to managing the increasing complexity of the energy system will deploy two solutions.

These are a Neutral Market Facilitator platform for buyers and sellers of flexible electricity sources to register their requirements and capabilities; and a Whole System Coordination tool that integrates data from a variety of different sources to quantify the requirements for network flexibility across different timeframes.

The solutions will be deployed by software solutions provider Opus One Solutions as part of SSEN’s TRANSITION project.

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The two solutions will be used as part of a programme of market trials over the next two-to-three years to test and demonstrate the functionalities and requirements of a distribution system operator (DSO) and local flexibility markets. The trials will then be used to inform a smarter flexible energy system for the future.

“Working with Opus One Solutions provides an exciting opportunity to trial and test flexibility and coordination solutions which will help shape how we can best meet energy demand,” says Brian Wann, TRANSITION project manager.

“As part of TRANSITION, it will help in understanding and trialling approaches to energy system architecture and coordination.”

TRANSITION is a five-year project launched in 2018 by SSEN in partnership with another network operator, Electricity North West Limited. The initiative, the first to involve two network operators working together on a single project, is testing the energy system architecture for the network operator transition to a DSO model.

TRANSITION being developed in Oxfordshire is developing the roles and responsibilities within the marketplace and should inform the design requirements for the DSO platform.

In addition to the physical trials in Oxfordshire, simulated trials are being conducted within the Electricity North West licence area.

As consumers become prosumers producing, storing and trading energy, flexibility and system coordination has a critical role in the cost-effective transition to net zero, but its participation within the market should be on a level playing field with that of low carbon technologies.