Four EU utilities to deploy advanced energy transmission line monitoring


LineVision, which provides solutions to monitor, optimize and protect critical energy delivery infrastructure, announced that it has expanded into Europe and formed a partnership with the European Commission-funded FARCROSS consortium.

LineVision will work with four FARCROSS utility participants in Hungary, Greece, Slovenia and Austria to deploy advanced sensors and analytics for transmission line monitoring.

FARCROSS stands for Facilitating Regional CROSS-Border Electricity Transmission (FARCROSS) through Innovation and is connecting major stakeholders and demonstrating solutions across the energy value chain that unlock resources for cross-border electricity flows and regional cooperation.

FARCROSS and the participating utilities are rolling out transmission line monitoring to safely and cost-effectively increase cross-border flows that will enable more renewable integration, increased grid security and reduced energy costs, said the organization. The initiative is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, a financial instrument under the European Commission with nearly €80 billion of funding aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness.

The FARCROSS project will deploy LineVision’s V3 non-contact transmission line monitors on key cross-border lines to demonstrate how capacity can be increased on existing lines at a fraction of the time and cost of building new lines. The FARCROSS partners will analyze the initiative’s work in transmission line monitoring and share best practices for standardization and improvements.

“Europe is blessed with a rich mix of generation resources, but the free flow of energy is often limited by cross-border bottlenecks and congestion,” said Németh Bálint, head of high-voltage laboratory at The Budapest University of Technology and Economics and project lead at FARCROSS. “For the European Union to meet its renewable energy goals, increase the security of energy supply and ensure economic efficiency of the region’s grid, the EU needs advanced technologies to unlock incremental capacity on its cross-border electricity interconnections.”

The story was originally published on our sister portal POWERGRID INTERNATIONAL.

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