G3-PLC Alliance announces 6 new members


The G3-PLC Alliance has announced further growth in membership and welcomed six new members from across the globe in 2019.

The six new members include Arkossa Smart Solutions from Spain, B&C Project and SPARTA from Italy, Farlink Technology from Hongkong and Clou Global Technology as well as LONGi from China.

The Alliance now comprises more than 90 companies from 30 different countries, jointly promoting the use of standardised G3-PLC in smart grid applications. All members are important stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem – utility companies, equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, system integrators, IT vendors as well as industrial companies. The six new member companies stem from different countries and are active in markets of all continents, which again illustrates the growing international deployment of G3-PLC technology.

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Arkossa Smart Solutions, SL is an independent provider of smart metering services, including planning and executing smart meter deployments, optimizing and operating powerline communications networks by using Big Data analysis and implementing field services. Arkossa wants to contribute to promoting the benefits of PLC technology by showcasing effective smart metering and smart grid solutions.

B&C Project S.r.l. is specialised in automation and control systems for high-speed railway systems, tramways, wind farms and many other industries. B&C Project research and development department is working on products engineering with a PLC protocol for lighting system remote management and energy efficiency in railway systems and for railway and motorway switch heating, in order to optimise electricity consumption.

Clou Global Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of meter manufacturer Shenzen Clou. As a high-tech production enterprise, Clou Global Technology is dedicated to provide intelligent substations, power distribution and power system solutions, focusing on overseas power users. With its research and development, design and engineering application practices Clou Global contributes to the development of G3-PLC technology.

Farlink Technology Limited is a Hongkong based company with various locations in China and Taiwan as well. As IoT solution partner for entering the global IoT market, it provides state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions from communication building box using Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and G3-PLC to total IoT solutions such as 5G IoT gateways, WiFi Mesh AP, and GPS tracking solutions.

Ningxia LGG Instrument Co., Ltd., (LONGi) is a complete metering solution provider with main products covering the range of energy meters, water meters, gas meters, heat meters, concentrators, data collectors and integrated smart metering management system. By joining the alliance, LONGi is able to interoperate meters from different manufacturers and to help to improve the standardized G3-PLC parameters.

SPARTA S.r.l. designs and develops remote control systems in railway and road infrastructures sector, environments with the danger of explosion, chemical, alimentary and pharmaceutical plants. For data transmission, SPARTA mainly uses G3-PLC in its applications. The company is striving to promote G3-PLC with a focus on establishing CENELEC B as an international G3-PLC standard.

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