Webinar recording: Gaining visibility of the Low Voltage Grid


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It has become increasingly important to have more detailed information about the low voltage grid and electrical service to customers. This requires processing and managing large amounts of data. However, big data often focuses on the analytics back-end, AI, computer learning and visualisation. But, where does all this data come from? How does it get to the back-end? What about its vulnerability to cyber-attack, and is it actually enough to allow the promised insights to be gained?

SCADA systems have been in place for many years to provide detailed data associated with high and medium voltage grids, but for the low voltage grid and especially at the consumer, this is far harder – devices are often less sophisticated, communications less reliable, and management investment has to be spread across a wide area. And this is a problem for utilities because it is the low voltage grid where utilities are feeling the biggest impact of the energy transition.

Smart metering and smart grid solutions can play an important role in providing visibility of the low voltage grid, but it also requires the ability to manage large amounts of data. 

Listen to this engaging discussion where you will learn:

  • About the different components/building blocks that are required.
  • How to use the smart meter as a sensor, exploiting its ability to report on a wide range of supply parameters.
  • Selecting a smart meter that provides connectivity options to establish multiple communication paths back to the central system.
  • The importance of securing the information created by smart meters and communicated to the central energy analytics tools
  • How to leverage an energy analytics tool to gain the necessary insight from the collected information.
  • About one utility’s implementation that is achieving this.


Jon Wells | VP Customer Solutions |NES

Jørgen Skov Rasmussen | Project Manager | Ravdex