Glendale launches new online tool for utility customers


In California, the city of Glendale has launched an online marketplace to offer discounts to consumers wanting to buy smart home devices.

In partnership with Energy Federation, Glendale Water and Power is through the online marketplace providing up to 63% in discounts for smart home devices.

Consumers will use the online marketplace to apply for rebates for buying energy efficient devices including LED Lighting, Smart Thermostats, Water products, Advanced power strips and Occupancy Sensors.

The online service removes paperwork and reduces the time spent to apply for and secure a rebate.

Steve Zurn, general manager at Glendale Water and Power, said: “We are very excited to be able to combine the convenience of online shopping with the importance of energy and water efficiency. Customers can have a personalized shopping experience and know they are purchasing high-end products that will help them save energy and water.”

Checkout the online marketplace at