Utility adds DR and smart home capabilities to wholesale offering


Wholesale electricity provider Griddy Energy has improved its operations by integrating its app with demand response and smart home capabilities.

Griddy Energy entered the utility market by connecting consumers directly to wholesale energy markets via an app.

Consumers are now able to connect the app to smart home devices using the IFTTT platform. This enables consumer smart home devices to automatically respond to and change their energy usage in line with sent wholesale price and grid status signals.

For instance, if the wholesale price of electricity spikes for 15 minutes, consumer smart thermostats can be told to turn off resulting in electricity savings.

On average, consumers using Griddy Energy’s app save $350 by using energy sourced from the wholesale market. The development is expected to add another $100 to consumer yearly energy savings

Greg Craig, CEO at Griddy Energy, said: “It was a natural progression for Griddy to give our members additional tools to further take control of their electricity usage and spending, but to use technology to automate those responses. There’s a massive movement to use data to inform our day-to-day behaviors – think about how Waze, Uber, and even Fitbit have used technology to improve our decisions in transportation on a daily basis. We’re excited to continue that trend in the retail electricity market.”

Griddy’s mission to better savings starts with a simple and transparent $9.99 per month membership with no ongoing obligations

The Griddy app is available for iOS and Android systems, as well as via their web app.