GridGlo Mines Big Data for Real Time Energy Apps


Isaias Sudit,
CEO & founder,
May 11, 2011 – Is the Four Square, Twitter, or of real time energy data just around the corner? GridGlo, a year-old startup working on combining energy data with other big data sets, launched on Wednesday, with a plan to sell apps around energy info to utilities. In addition to launching the company this week, GridGlo also announced a $1.2 million investment from New York-based big data research group CUBRC.

GridGlo CEO and founder Isaias Sudit explained to me in an interview that GridGlo takes real time energy data from smart meters, as well as historical data from electricity bills, and merges it with data from other sources, like real estate data, weather data, and demographic data. Sudit calls the analytics process that the company does “data fusion,” or basically combining disparate data sets to draw conclusions about something. For example, say an energy consumer is married, lives in a 2,500 sq feet home, and is a woman, the analytics can help predict how she will consume energy.