Global Wind Organisation adds certification body for its training facilities


The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) has accredited NSF Certification as a certification body.

The accreditation enables NSF Certification to audit and certify wind turbine training facilities in line with GWO’s safety standards.

NSF Certification will conduct regular audits of training facilities to ensure proper maintenance of training equipment, processes, personnel and environments.

The aim is to ensure a safe work environment by delivering standardised training for those working in the wind turbine industry

The development comes at a time when demand for wind energy, and specialised wind turbine construction and maintenance workers is expected to increase.

The adoption of wind energy has more than tripled in the US over the past decade, to become the largest renewable energy source, according to the American Wind Energy Association.

Brian Walencik, Chair of the GWO North America Committee, said:  “Our industry needs access to more standardised safety and technical training, and this means more GWO training providers in North America.

“To support this business need, certification bodies are there to audit training providers and make sure they deliver according to GWO’s standards and criteria. We are pleased to see companies like NSF Certification, LLC sharing our commitment and look forward to seeing the growth of GWO training in North America.”

“Wind turbine construction and maintenance is challenging work, so it is important for technicians to have proper occupational health and safety training to mitigate risks,” said Jenny Oorbeck, General Manager of Sustainability at NSF International. “NSF’s expertise in occupational health and safety as well as sustainability enables us to protect public health and safety while supporting the growth of renewable energy at the same time.”