Hawaiian Electric awarded for response to four-second control signals


The Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA) has announced Hawaiian Electric Company as the winner of this year’s Technology Pioneer award for successfully deploying its demand response programme.

PLMA has provided the Hawaiian Electric Company with recognition for demonstrating how behind-the-meter customer assets can successfully provide frequency regulation services.

The utility partnered with OATI to implement the demand-side management initiative.

The project achieved a 95% accuracy in the provision of regulation services in response to four second control signals using customer demand-side resources.

This enabled the energy provider to address operational challenges resulting from high penetration of distributed renewable energy resources and variations in energy generation.

If the Hawaiian Electric Company expands the project, it will be able to use demand response and other demand-side resources to provide multiple grid services including capacity, regulation, and frequency response services.

The services will help sustain the reliability of the grid network, as well as help expand adoption of renewables to meet the islands 100% Renewable Portfolio Standards target.

Despite the success of the project, a survey conducted by OATI and the Hawaiian Electric company showed very low impact to customers, with over 90% stating this project had no impact on their daily life.