Hawaiian Electric partners with Verizon to install smart sensors on grid


Hawaiian Electric Co. has partnered with Verizon to modernise Hawaii’s power grid, with the installation of smart sensors that collect near real-time data.

The collaboration commenced in May and the sensors are now fully functional.
The project saw Verizon installing IoT sensors connected to its 4G LTE network, with the aim of measuring solar energy, manage energy loads, monitor meter performance and identify patterns relating to outages.

The sensor installation was designed to move the state closer to its clean energy goals, as well as boost reliability and performance of the grid.

“We’re excited about the impact Verizon’s GridWide partnership with Hawaiian Electric will have on increasing efficiency on Hawaii’s grid via our 4G LTE network to more capably handle renewable energy resources,” said Jay Olearain, Verizon’s director of product and new business innovation.

“GridWide will maximise consumer-owned solar systems, which helps the state reach its big picture goal of 100% clean energy by 2045.”

The new sensors will not offer immediate cost saving to Verizon customers however, it will help those with rooftop solar view usage data, implement efficiency measures and determine the amount of electricity coming back to the grid.

The rollout of GridWide technology, also used to manage gas delivery systems and water consumption, is part of Verizon’s larger campaign called Humanability.