Hawai’i approves Energy Alliance-demand response initiative


The Hawai’i Public Utilities Commission has approved a grid services purchase agreement between the Hawaiian Electric Companies and OATI.

The approval allows the utility company to utilise the OATI Energy Alliance to expand its energy mix to secure its energy supply using distributed and renewable energy resources.

OATI Energy Alliance comprising a group of clean energy companies will aggregate, forecast, and control customer-owned behind-the-meter distributed energy resources to supply grid services to Hawaiian Electric on multiple islands.

The services will include ancillary and load frequency response services.

OATI will provide its cloud-based solution to integrate consumer energy storage batteries, onsite generators and smart home devices to supply energy into the main grid for stability.

The development falls under the island’s efforts to make use of demand response services to stabilise its energy supply.

 “We are excited to work with Hawaiian Electric and our Alliance members to develop a strong, dynamic, and beneficial Grid Services Programme,” said Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D, president and CEO of OATI. “This momentous project exemplifies the shift to a distribution-centric grid and enables Hawaiian Electric’s customers to interactively power this new system.”

“This is the first of what we hope will be many offerings to support our customers and provide opportunities to participate in our clean energy movement,” said Shelee Kimura, Hawaiian Electric senior vice president for customer service. “We look forward to working with OATI as our first aggregator in Hawai‘i to offer customers these new opportunities to decrease their bills while supporting our 100% clean energy goals.”